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About Us

About Founder

Meet the Founder : Lady Lesley Osei — Wife, Mother, Co-Pastor, Counselor, Entrepreneur, Author, and Philanthropist.

  • With a background in psychology, extensive years in management and executive level positions, Lady Lesley founded this conference to equip women to become successful holistically. Backed with Biblical teaching, the Think Pink Conference educates women in the areas of spirituality, entrepreneurship, economic empowerment and health awareness.

We Help Empower Women

The Think Pink Conference celebrates and embraces the unique purpose of all women. This Conference was founded in August 2017 as a self-development platform devoted to economic development, women empowerment and health awareness.

The Think Pink conference initially began as a two day event with over 200 women in attendance. Due to the presentation of curated topics, an engaging array of speakers and networking opportunities, it now spans four days and hosts 500+ women from across the country.


The Think Pink Women’s Conference was established in 2017 and spearheaded by our very own Prophetess Lesley Osei. Subsequently, through the course of time Think Pink has been extensively committed to the holistic development of women of color. We aim to equip, connect, and inspire women to walk boldly in their unique purpose. This growing community of empowered women encourages one another to pursue fulfilling careers and entrepreneurship, nurture healthy relationships and strive to maintain a sound, balanced life.

Prophetess Lesley has been featured in top articles such as Yahoo Finance and Business Insider. Prophetess Lesley’s audience ranges from over 77 thousand individuals all around the globe. In 2021, over 500 hundred women gathered at our four day conference all from different career avenues, and paths of lifes. The Think Pink Conference and Woman is in need of your help today. If you would like to partner and collaborate contact us at

Networking & Entrepreneurship 

The Think Pink Conference embraces and enables entrepreneurship alongside community support. With our networking opportunities, attendees from previous years have gained a community of supportive women and have either started or expanded their businesses. Below are a few businesses that have started due to support from this conference.


Boame Hands Foundation (BHF), Ghana

  • Using proceeds from the annual Think Pink Conference, BHF purchased clothing, school supplies and sanitary pads for Caring Hands Children’s Center (a children/youth center) in Ghana, West Africa. 
  • With Think Pink’s support, BHF donated half a dozen hospital beds and over the counter medication to aid efforts at the Accra Psychiatric Center and within the Geriatric Center. These populations are typically neglected and abandoned leading to high mortality rates.  
  • Within 2020, BoaMe Hands is preparing to launch an annual medical mission to Ghana. Medical professionals (doctors, pharmacists, nurses) will voluntarily perform standard medical exams as well as provide medications needed in underprivileged communities. 

Boame Hands Foundation (BHF), Connecticut

  • Since November 2017, Think Pink has supported BHF in its annual Thanksgiving drive. In partnership with Kingdom Full Tabernacle International Ministries and New Covenant Center, Think Pink and Boame Hands feeds 200+ homeless people in Stamford, Connecticut. 
  • Think Pink continues to collect charitable items in the form of clothing donations and canned goods for those in need.